Hi Moyglish, If you are 6 months into your contract then you would be eligible to request an unlocking code on bill pay. However, even with running the Vodafone tests earlier in the day, Three performed better in the majority of the tests. From my own testing, YouTube is clearly prioritised and often has no problem streaming at p in my area. If you have no luck finding anyone using the service and would like to go ahead, be sure to carry out some extensive testing on the first day or two, such as in the evening most people go online. It also maintains a speed test history. For those with a landline, they provide the option to move their telephone to them if out of contract with another provider where they deliver the telephone service by landline and broadband via the Meteor 4G network. They also recently seem to be hitting hard with traffic prioritisation and throttling in recent weeks.

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The speed test on the right was Monday evening about 8: The Vodafone B is a rebadged Huawei B Post reply Unfollow thread Follow thread. If the data plan runs out, Eir cuts off the data connection and presents a landing webpage with a choice of options.

Meteor Usb Modem For Sale in Dublin 2, Dublin from peibol

I can get 25mb download on my phone when outside. I had major problems with signal strength until I got this https: Hi Jonnny68, This information is correct. As a result, a 1 bar 4G phone signal will usually mean a moderate 4G signal on a dedicated router or stronger with an outdoor antenna.


It can take a day for 4G to activate on a new Vodafone prepay account. After 30 days do the same again. For example, try testing the performance between 8pm and 10pm, which is generally when the network has the highest congestion. The 50GB plan can be renewed the moment it runs out by just buying another 50GB add-on.

Meteor Broadband Offer

The obvious catch is that the user needs to obtain a suitable router to try the SIM in. It also maintains a speed test history. This is not surprising given that this coincides with midem length of the day pass. Unlike the other providers, Rural Wi-Fi regularly makes drastic changes to its promotional pricing. The speed was very impressive for the time of evening, but then again they are in a rural area, so the cell tower they are picking up is lightly loaded. Rural Wi-Fi provides the option to upgrade their subscription e.

Eir is even worse, for example, Eir does not even have 3G coverage most of the way between Donegal and Ballybofey.

Largest 4G plans for home broadband in Ireland

You must be logged in to use this feature. There are many other parts of the country where Three is barely usable after 6pm, such as parts of Dublin.

mteorr According to Vodafoneonce the connection drops at the usage limit, the customer can call Vodafone to extend the limit. Better signal readings, more consistent throughput and no more drop-outs.

Meteor Usb Modem For Sale in Shannon, Clare from TeCHniKaL

As with most wireless providers, you will probably only experience the faster download speeds of the higher packages early in the day. Early inMeteor now Eir increased their prepay Mobile Broadband plan bundles which make them better value than using their prepay phone SIMs for broadband.


Three prepay Going by numerous reports in the Boards. Eir simplicity prepay now offers 20GB per day invertval. Current pricing and further information on Rural WiFi are available on their official website.

I am currently working off a 1 bar 4G signal using a carefully positioned LOG antenna, which gets Mbps depending on the time. If you have no luck finding anyone using the service and would like to go ahead, be sure to carry out some extensive testing on the first day or two, such as in the evening most people go online.

According to Eirthe 50GB prepay bundle is available to affected customers by request by calling their customer care team on Although I ran both tests on a Sunday, ideally, I should have run them at similar times.

I visited a couple who were able to avail of the Eir 4G mobile broadband. Thanks for the advise on meteor sim for additional internet. We may increase, decrease or remove your credit limit without notice.