I understand this and have been doing this, but it keeps reverting to the sample deck as the master which is gets very annoying but was thinking that removing the Master option on the sample decks would be a simple and very welcome upgrade. Thanks for using Cross DJ! The way you describe it would mean that the deck is restarted. Hope it’ll work better for you now! I really like the program, but as it hasn’t been developed in any way for years it is getting left behind and probably loosing a lot of faithful customers..

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In Cross the Aux input can be used for this as well as for recording. I amending one of my mapping the other day and made a mixviibes, so I deleted it with in Cross and it delete the main MIDI file.

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The tricky part might be to “catch” the sample so as to drag it. Also, Is there any way to type the BPM in manually? In-App Purchases See All. There’s being worked on the next release with some delay as despite the years of presence 64bit isn’t to common yet in gathering components to be used.



I am using two monitors, one with toggle external display turned on so the full mixed video is showing and if turn off the external display, it sometimes leaves the track playing when both decks are stopped. An option to be able to reduce the height of the deck waveforms Other than the above, its perfect!!!

Any design will have pro’s and cons and may work in one view but not in an other. Not sure what you mean.

Grid modifications are supposed to be saved. This version contains a new “Auto Hot Cues” feature that detects the different parts of your song and sets locators so you can “jump” easily within your song. Various fixes and improvements.

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Please explain which track is the ghost. Currently it crashes every time I close down after use Cross quit unexpectedly ‘ Please use version 3. There is also a version of Cross DJ for Android. Dec 20, Version 3. The issue with SoundCloud is now fixed! The ability to eject a track from the deck.

If you click 3 times it’s synced to the master again which means it’s the same unless you changed master 4. Cross DJ is now an universal app. This product is used throughout the turntable and scratch DJ community. Try the 32bit version of Cross is also installed.


The code has been rewritten to be true bit and not compiled 32 bit. If you click twice it’s disabled.

Hope it’ll work better for you mixvibfs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is why we keep improving Cross DJ for you to have the best experience when mixing your music.

If Vertical beatmtaching waveforms were an option, everything else wouldn’t seem so squashed. After following the U Tube video instruction provide with the Remixlive app and purchased the additional features they state is needed, I kixvibes their claim about the two apps and their U Tube instructional video sucked.

One of the concepts of Cross is that it uses the BPM analyses to do the sync, set locators, loops, etc. Fix empty library error Launch time reduced Graphical stabl in Music Library. Feel free to leave a review to let us know what you think of it: You can however set to mini players showing larger collection list.

The software has only been updated a few times, recently releasing Cross2.