There are machines, drawn by horses, for this purpose. If a nevf cherry tree is planted in this soil it vdll grov;- more slowly and will die a fevf years later. I 00 MI. Espafia tiene mAs creche clones recibldiii1s en 6stit, Me 1. In a permanent sod, the storj- is different. These propagators increase the plant supply by what is called the isolated block method. V;–, Oolnmente pued sobrvicarse el nuncio que se hizo en los primeroi dias del mes de x e la compra de 1.

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Londinesa cuando se present esta IntoTiores balo todas las coil. Porque si no to hay anoto el Club Atl6tico de Cuba a l9s hipdl: Modern Entreao Club Miramar, varas, tie a 3 to y a cam, Otro adificlo citar6n, mono- los Clubes; jardin,- to. For highest quality peaches, fertilization studies indicate the soil nitrogen level should be neither extremely high nor extrenely low. Here is a resourceful enemy which must be met with detemination and persistence.

Mtmte doctor U- americans dentro de Ia “eva Orzatal.

University of Florida Holding Location: Inician mahana el a I. Here the mulch material releases available nutrients as it decays. The percen- tage of Fancy fruit in the 19? B, am do In bodega So olquilas Bilaullbladvis. It represents the collective opinion of a panel of eight persons and the audience which discussed it at the recent annual meeting of the M.



I razones de indole econ6mica. Esa transacci6n, de la cual se di6 cuentR todora. Caballeros Cat6licost too am. So efectuhra el martes. A arez resident A F1 qua inmedistamento mrsarin tele- dsas medidas.

Diario de la marina ( 04-18-1948 )

L VO I S. Last call before the peak of spring work arrives– buy supplies and repair parts now. Instead of sifting out dd unwanted twigs, v;holc branches or parts of branches, frequently one to two inches in diameter, should be removed, If such grovrths are belov; the horizontal position, the chances are that a large proportion of their spurs have largely outlived their usefulness. Verlo a cualquier horn y dia.

I, degrees 31 minimum Unsulfonated residue U. In the French Zone of Occupation, ;7ith which I am most familiar, there ar.

Diario de la marina

D were really packaged. Entrego vacisi en el R. Los esti pesto en el platillo de is estimados que han sido dados a la publicidad, principalmen- PHILIPS renueva sus viejos y hien ganadox laurelen corno pre- balanza; no tenemos noda que nois.


Ah, racl The choice is bugs – or drugs.

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You make it, or don’t, from vrtiat happens aftenmrd. If consumer demand is not steppea-aj to take the apples, the pressure remains on the supply end.

AVt-nkW -3 e fr. Additional interviews were conducted in Philadelphia and Chicago, giving special attention to the use of and attitudes tovrax’d small apples. The pool included 6,U8li apple trees, of which total almost half, 3,10U, vrere of the Mcintosh variety. And in betvreen I dust ’em.

And bulk spreading is by far the best means of placing the lime where it will do the most good. Ia unidod del autenticisma. The entire orchard vras pushed over in two hours.