Trending Price New. The offices are lit with fluorescent fixtures of different types. I agree, the GY-DV is an exceptional camcorder. JVC has, in the DV, produced a camera capable of producing fabulous images. I am using it now to do programs for my pastor who comes on the Church Channel at 5: Blues, reds, fluorescent orange, yellows, purples, flesh tones all were reproduced-on tape with an accuracy that I have never seen on any camera costing less than three times the list price of the DV

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We produce an average of three minute videos each month, mostly for non-broadcast use in a combination of heavy industrial and office areas. Designed specifically for professional use, the GY-DVU combines the convenience and cost- effectiveness of MiniDV with the professional performance dvv500u features you need. The viewfinder status display uses characters and rnenus to display selected information in the viewfinder, including various events, camera setting status, recorder operation, and selected setup parameters.

I remember a few instances where people hooked a camera to their computer and jvd toasted the FW on the computer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Plug in a firewire hard drive and see if the hard drive shows up on the desktop — if it does, you know the port is working and the issue may be with the camera itself.


Audio levels can be manually controlled with level indicators in the viewfinder. About this product Product Information The JVC GY-D camcorder in metallic gray may be compact, but it is still a professional camera designed to deliver high-quality video. Because of this both the purchase or lease cost and the cost of operation have to be taken into account. More objectionable is the previously mentioned limited extension range. A built-in menu dial serves to quickly and easily navigate through the viewfinder menu, as well as set the shutter speed.

You may even own a lens compatible with the DV! For full effect, view the slides in full screen mode. Subscribe to Video Entrepreneur, our weekly free email newsletter. Open source software makes it friendly.

JVC Pro Product Overview Page

Show less Show more. Although the approximately 11 pound weight is light, it is not too light to provide stability. GoPro Hero7 – Black 2.

We need a rugged, reliable camcorder that works well in low light, is lightweight, uses power conservatively and produces a clean picture with excellent color rendition.

JVC has, in the DV, produced a camera capable of producing fabulous images. The camera can be connected to virtually any video system. Skip to main content.

JVC GY-DV500 Professional 3-CCD Camcorder

Also, try swapping out the firewire cable. They needed to hook the cam up and power on before powering on the computer.


Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Dealer locator Contact us Product database. Up to 60 minutes of high-quality component digital images can be recorded on a single MiniDV tape, assuring you the high-quality, non-degradable images you need for top results in post-production editing.

If nothing else, you will come away appreciating its true value and excellent engineering. The power consumption is rated at 20 watts, which for a full-size digital camcorder is excellent. When I received the camera I was jumping up and down like a litte kid. The price is predicted to be about […] Read More. I always hooked my cams up to FW when I wanted even with the cam was on it was no problem.

JVC Pro Technical Description

I was lucky and never had problems. In every one of these situations, the color rendition and subjective resolution made me feel like I was there.

Open source software makes it friendly Read More. I am using dv50u now to do programs for my pastor who comes on the Church Channel at 5: