No special compiler is required—just use your normal production build and include symbols. Find bottlenecks and achieve high performance for parallel cluster applications. Share Tweet Share Send. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. What Customers Are Saying “We reached our final goal of p [frames per second] encode in a single thread.

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As an example, we used an application that creates a certain number of files with a set size in a folder.

Single Thread | Intel® VTune™ Amplifier | Intel® Software

While executing the application, the utility measures time spent in modules, functions, code lines, and samples processor events those related to branch prediction, efficiency of micro-op fusion, partial outages associated with a particular module or function. Choose the option that works best for your needs.

Sample a complete suite for 90 days. Options – Result Location Pane: Looking at the stack, we can see that the time is mostly consumed by the operation that changes the buffer size for the package being sent:.

Once you find the time-consuming functions, the next step is to figure out what part of each function needs improvement. We examine threadstartex 0xb90 in our case. Optimizing the longest running functions provide you with the biggest performance gain.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier | Intel® Software

Double click on a function to see the source vtjne, annotated with the timing for each line of code. It contains the command for launching this type of analysis with the current settings. Because of this, on each attempt of the system to write 64KB, the client was sending 8MB.


In this article, we show an example of the usage of the program. This type of analysis is launched just as the previous ones, so will get vtunf to the VTune results:.

Vtune Tutorial: How to Use Intel Vtune Amplifier

Summary – Memory Usage Window: Summary – Memory Consumption Window: Next, you have to specify a few details, like the name of the executable you want to analyse, command line parameters if required and the working directory.

A collector for macOS profiling is not available. For that purpose Sampling counts the number of processor ticks, executed instructions, inte cache misses and branch mispredictions. Find Hotspots Identifying code that uses a lot of processor time is often the first step in single-threaded optimization.

Programs for Programmers

If you’re a student or classroom educator, you may qualify to receive a free full-featured suite. This week it helped improve the performance another three times.

To see an example of an analysis launching from the command line, select the required analysis type on the local machine, Hotspots in our case, and click the CommandLine button in the bottom right. Event Count – Hardware Events Window: However, we should not forget about optimization which, despite the common belief, has always been highly important too.


If you normally use Visual Studio as your working environment, you can run VTune alongside your compiler inside Visual Studio.

To find out which lines have caused hotspots you just need to drill down to the Source View to see code lines associated with particular events. Share Tweet Share Send. The slowdown occurred after adding the thread pool for vtjne operation of writing to server.

Program optimization, and in particular code and algorithm optimization, are very important tasks for different kinds of systems: Intel VTune Amplifier can help you resolve the toughest memory problems and get the most out of your hardware.

By using this site, you agree to vtube Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Multithreaded Effectively use all available cores. This time it is not one project, the source code of You can highlight a region of interest and zoom in to view it more clearly. Download a PDF of the product brief: But there is one more frequently called function: