Then you can save it, and you’re done. So for example you can map Book. If that’s the case, work out what changes were made to it, re-run grails install-templates , and then apply the changes to the new web descriptor. For me this was jdbc: Some changes will apply to all projects.

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Upgrade to Grails 2

Others only affect a few projects. First, create the domain class:.

Not that hard, kind of baked in to the framework–as long as you’re working with a Grails model, pretty trivial, no? Gfails to Grails 2 There are always some breaking changes with any major version change of a framework.

Some changes will apply to all projects. So for example you can map Book. Also, in case you didn’t hsqlvb, grails supports mapping models to legacy databases really easily.

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. So why would you want to view the Grails database? Stepping outside the framework adds a layer of complexity.

Connect To HSQLDB Grails Database

July 23, at 1: It will make your life better. OTOH, if something Grails-y breaksthen not knowing the underlying frameworks is a serious liability.

But I’ll reverse the order of the bullets, I agree that gorm is top priority. You need to either add the ‘org. Post as a guest Name.

gorm – Grails HSQLDB – Stack Overflow

The file name in step 4 must have no extension. Rafiq Flucas 56 1 8. Posted by jlorenzen at First, create the domain class: I did everything as described, I was able to connect, but I do not see the tables that are created by grails Type in a Connection Name: Bozho k Thanks for your Post. September 23, at 4: View my complete profile. Also I have another question, Say for instance I wanted to save data from a field in one of my gsp pages into its respective location in a hsql database.


How To: Upgrade to Grails 2

Or like me you are all of the above. For me this was jdbc: Make sure your URL said “file” instead of “men” This jdbc: Sign up or hsqqldb in Sign up using Google.

Persistence The persistence layer has seen a lot of change hsqlrb the last year or two, not least because GORM is now available for multiple data stores, not just SQL via Hibernate. And it seems that the Grails app must not be running at the same time otherwise we can’t access the database.