Ask Brian or Austin what code you should be using. To change the height of the fridge after the robot deposits a stack on the platform or make some other such change. WPI has posted an updated guide to installing it. Skip to main content. Login or Sign Up. The elevator timing belt teeth are 0. Use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope the software was shipped in.

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Here are some resources that our team has created:. Late breaking news on the build system.

We changed this to “True”, rebooted, and the code started at boot time. I made a link to this tool on the desktop.

NI tools & Wind River Workbench update available (large downloads!) – FIRST Forums

I saw there was an update, but when downloaded it asked for a password to install. Apologies for the confusion! San Jose, CA The NI FRC Update is not posted yet, the encrypted version should be posted late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Skip to main content. Austin has successfully used Bazel to download code to a robot though. Robot Code We use the git source code control system for the robot code and gerrit for code review.


There is no stopping in a red zone. I installed the contents of the FRCUpdate It said the tool should be in the Start menu, but I did not find it there. They say it is mandatory for all teams, as it contains updates for the Driver Station, cRIO imaging tool, and the camera config tool.

When I ran it the first time, it took me to the Java download page and so I installed Java. In a pinch, the default route can be set by hand.

See the robot code notes below for details on how to do this. This will be our final posting of the source code. Adding changes to existing code review: Many of the git tools default to your “currently checked out” branch. This year the NI updates have been reconfigured into a single standalone installer.

FIRST Robotics Competition Blog – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Feel free to take a look if you need a reference. Running the code on the robot. They will be updated for the season after I install the FRC software. Ask Brian or Austin what code you should be using.


The driver station was set to use DHCP too. Installed it on a Windows 7 machine and it worked fine. These are useful for sharing work-in-progress code.


The change ID needs to be in the message of each commit because this is how Gerrit knows that they are part of the same change. Use the following command to set up the eth0 network: Create a fresh log file on the robot with.

The NI uninstaller is obvious but the WindRiver one is not. Installed it on Win XP Pro machine and it worked fine.

For the season, we did the following to set up the laptop we use to image the cRIO and the drivers station laptops. It appears that there needs to be a DHCP server running for the networking to work.