New formats such as DVD audio or video or SACD even require higher sample-rates in the production process; so many professionals are working with 96kHz or even kHz already. You can monitor same signal out of Line Out 1,2 through Output 5,6 H. If you use Dynamic Microphone, please turn off this button. The card is shipped in a nice box made as a book with a transparent inner side. This TRS used in two different ways. Signals are routed on the level of drivers, bit-to-bit, without quality loss.

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When you use 5. In other words, you should wavetermial stereo cables to these connectors and you can get 6 channel analog outputs. So despite their rather high quality converters, such cards cannot be used for professional work. Up to kHz sampling rate support Waveterminal X and L are worlds leading kHz support digital recording devices. Output goes to Output port 1,2 3,4 5,6 directly as you set on your application.

This TRS used in two different ways.

When your system keeps asking restart the computer, just ignore that and keep going to install. Sleeve connects to Ground of both sides.

Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. The PCI slot is most common and is used for different types of devices from the soundcard to the modem. Please esj not use software monitoring and hardware monitoring in simultaneously.


Two analog input of Waveterminal X are balanced mono channels.

ESI [email protected] – Professional Sound Card

Anyone who can help? Waveterminal L Control Panel Caution: Digital Out Spec 1 Type: Interface names mean the following applications: The card is shipped in a nice box made as a book with a transparent inner side.

Aside from standard features, E-WDM offers functions required for professional sound processing: The reason is most likely not in the lack of bit-to-bit transfer precision, but in the PLL influence in the transceivers or in dithering reformation.

Optical Digital In Spec 1 Format: You can connect two cards using 2 wavetemrinal sync cable of Waveterminal X. ESI Juli control panel is easy and clear. If you increase the time between the auditions to a couple of minutes, you won’t be able to distinguish the cards waveeterminal with the same music fragment. When you use only one Waveterminal X or other device was set as slave, you have to choose this mode.

This chapter is for Waveterminal X only Basically, Waveterminal X is a digital audio interface with analog 2 channel stereo input, analog 6 channel output and Digital stereo Optical output. We test DirectSound functions of the card, because we have such an opportunity.


This driver is compatible with the following versions of Windows: How did you come up with the idea to produce such an unusual sound card with a unique design as Juli?

IC Waveterminal 192X EWDM Controller By ESI drivers for Windows 10 x64

ESI was one of the first companies to introduce kHz and 7. However, Driver installation procedure is similar to other Windows version.

In the case of Cakewalk: Can you tell us anything about the upcoming new generation of built-in sound named High Definition Audio replacing AC’97? As for the ADC, we always try to use the best available components, as recording is more important waveterinal playback for most professional users.

The other side, you can use 55 phone plug or XLR cannon plug. When the operation finishes restart your computer in order to use the updated driver. Juli is free from these drawbacks, it sounds true and clear.