Emotiva Audio is looking to turn all that around with the XDA One could perhaps call it somewhat lightweight in its overall presentation. The XDA-2 has a low-noise discrete design with 0. It is definitely deep, and judging by the interior shot, much more than really needed. No, create an account now. I don’t know if it is the same for W8, but if you are using W7 then: Leave this field blank.

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Could not ask for a better review, almost tailor made for myself. I shall try to give it another run enotiva pre-amp down the line.

Emotiva XDA-2 USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp | InnerFidelity

The remote control has seen minor changes in button layout; the addition of emotifa ASRC button alludes to new circuitry under the hood. If at any time I hit the standby button it deletes the driver.

I always felt as if they never sounded quite right – not the way they had when I auditioned them in the store.

Jan 24, at 5: The XDA-2 remembers the volume levels you set for the main outputs and the headphones separately. Quad ERA-1 review Part 1. I now had audio, and wow was it glorious audio! Post 15 of A bit too laid back. Telling your take on this and the Schiit and Parasound make, which both would be on my short list. JerryLove posts on December 13, Went to sleep and it then defaulted to 48khz so I shut it down again and restarted and it went back to khz.


No, create an account now. The ASRC can be enabled and disabled on the fly from the remote control. To me, it seems that they make a product that is well built, and is much cheaper than the design and quality would normally demand.

While anyone that’s been shopping for a DAC lately will more than likely be impressed by the XDA-2s package, what it does is play music and how well it does this one job will tell you most everything you need to know about its value.

Double-blind studies Submitted by Philomathean on March 19, – Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. It is definitely deep, and judging by the interior shot, much more than really needed.

I think you can dim the display. Yesterday my finance commitee aka wife agreed that I need to get a DAC!

Emotiva XDA-2 Review and Issues

If you enjoy it more because you like the way it looks, who cares. Your experience appears to be idiosyncratic, as I use this combination all the time.


Emotiva also throws in free shipping for the XDA-2, a day money back guarantee, and a five year transferable warranty. The idea that we need to test ourselves by removing some of our sensual input and enjoyment in order to determine if we prefer A, B or C is artificial. While it doesn’t support analogue inputs, it doesn’t pretend to. It’s not how we’ll use and enjoy a hi-fi over time. Yeah the specs say it outputs a measly 0. I used my trusty Audio Technica ATH-Ws to checkout the XDA-2s headphone amp and was very pleasantly greeted by some very similar emotiav and well-controlled.

InnerFidelity Holiday Gift Guide. A perfect addition IMO. I prefer the Teac although I do have to point out that the Teac is more than twice the emotivq of the Emotiva.