I forgot that, in order to make a non-standard graphics driver work, my system is already set not to enforce driver signing. John, after getting your email last night, I closed all the windows that had the. One successful user reported that he plugged-in the UM-1 at this point. I have one of these unbranded cable with a few dollars on eBay that works with one of my keyboards, but not all. For the 32 bit to work look in: Thank you very much for your commitment and for solving this UM1 problem Angel.

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At first when I plugged the UM1-X in it was not accepted. Just realised the tablet is running 32 bit windows 10 Home. Works like a charm!

Edirol by Roland USB Midi Interface Cable Um-1ex

This is unusual, especially for a nerd like me, but I never much liked the idea of auctions. In the middle is a little box that does the processing. A polite request to Roland basically said, in the nicest possible way, sod off. I think Roland should hire you as an adviser ,this kind of customer neglect is no way to treat Roland users ,whithout you we evirol be forced to throw away a perfectly good MIDI interfacemaybe thats what Roland wants: So if you get more gear and need more ports, you can upgrade ym1ex and still use your original UM-1EX.


Pictures and images Edirol UM-1EX – Audiofanzine

I fiddled with this for hours before finding your blog. UM-1 The system cannot find the file specified. For years, I resisted getting an eBay account. It looks like your advice has been widely appreciated.

I hope you have much enjoyment continuing to make music. INF file lines as instructed.

International buyers should have no trouble finding a local dealer with the assistance of the big G. Thank you very much; I have been using the UM 1 for years and have just bought a new Lenovo ideapad with Windows 10 and an i7 processor to run Cubase elements 8.

The marketroids have been at it, and the literature states that it uses “FPT” to realise low latency. Extremely helpfull my friendmy UM-1S lives to see another day. You can fix this with a text editor. My UM-1X midi now works again. Occasionally lucid, often obscure. What the south, and just that -: According to the packaging, ym1ex USB cable is “1. The Edirol UM-1ex works where the unmarked cables do not work!

I feel like I need to get something that will be compatible with Windows 10 from the get-go. For example, a new Windows Insider Build arrived yesterday, so the driver was uninstalled and reinstalled manually.


This is Bonnie again. Armed with your instructions and a 10 second edit, I reinstalled the Win 8 driver and my Yamaha keyboard is connected again! Considering that I lug around everywhere, crushing, abused, and it works great, it’s on the Yes for beginners who want something simple and effective. I do not know, its always gone smoothly, so I never think – What software do you use most often?

All up, I got drums in, and drums out my playing is still fairly crappy, but as Dan pointed out, there are other alternativeswith no noticeable latency issues, which was the aim of the game. Mark Cocquio Review date: The editol included with Mac OS X works with the interface without a problem. Thank you very much worked for UM The two MIDI indicators also flash when there is information flowing.