Your printer may also be used as a Parallel printer if you have a Parallel port on your computer. Select Local printer , clear the Automatically detect my printer check box, and then click Next. Try eliminating all flash commands from the ticket data. If you have a box of that sort, that has a switch with some number of Ethernet ports into which you plug machines on your network, and another Ethernet port used to connect to a cable or DSL modem, you can, at least, sniff traffic between the machines on your network and the Internet by plugging the Ethernet port on the router going to the modem, the Ethernet port on the modem, and the machine on which you’re running Ethereal into a hub make sure it’s not a switching hub, and that, if it’s a dual-speed hub, all three of those ports are running at the same speed. Normally, network interfaces supply to the host only: This driver is only to be used with FGL mode printers.

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The final approach is to communicate with the printer using a printer driver see printer driver page. Try both approaches if possible and see if one is better than the other. If you see the printer name fgll the Printers folder, Right click to delete it. Select No or Yes for Do you want to print a test page?

Previous firmware versions did not allow you to assign a subnet mask or default gateway. Let us know how many packets are lost.


You must have the Boca printer drivers installed on your computer. Printer Models adjustable vs. The printer will reset the open connection after seconds of inactivity if another application is seeking to communicate with the printer. Send print jobs to the printer.

Note that it’s a Wiki, so you can update or fix that information, or add additional information on those switches or information on new switches, yourself. Click Next and wait for a bit. The printer driver interprets the data from the application and writes to the port parallel, serial, USB or Ethernet. You should ask the vendor of your network interface whether it supports promiscuous mode.

Presently no other UDP datagrams. Make sure Port Number is set to While Word allows you to manipulate the page size in both portrait and landscape modes, the data sent to the printer only functions bocx in portrait mode.

Although the Ghostwriter Series has reached end of life status, we will continue to support these printers in terms of spare parts and repairs for as long as possible.

Boca Systems – Ticket Printers, Kiosk Printers

These drivers only work with all standard BOCA printers built from forward. The Lemur-M will always have a burster and a 2. When I capture with Ethereal, why can’t I see any TCP packets other than packets to and from my machine, even though another analyzer on the network sees those packets? Install Ethereal on the same computer that the Boca was initially installed on. We strongly discourage the use of PCL4 drivers for new Windows-based applications.


Installation of port monitor instructions: We do not have tools for communicating bi-directionally in Linux and Mac environments. This command permanently stores the timeout value in flash. Web Browser same Network number.


The default address is The printer can return status data item 3 either in response to an external status request or as a result of a change in printer status. Try to limit the number of jobs opened and closed. A sample freeware program called Netcat works with the printer and can be used as is, modified or referred to as a guideline for writing your own program. You may change it if you wish. Note also that on the Linksys Web site, they say that their auto-sensing hubs “broadcast the 10Mb packets to the port that operate at 10Mb only and broadcast the Mb packets to the ports that operate at Mb only”, which would indicate that if you sniff on a 10Mb port, you will not see traffic coming sent to a Mb port, and vice versa.

The Subnet Mask is used by the printer to determine if the destination is on a connected network direct route. If not, it is sent to the Gateway Address.