I have the same issue. So, I brought an adapter for my interface, and it’s plugged in, but sadly there’s still no sound. Do you know what I should set my sample rate and block size to? Then go to ‘first’ and select the first input on your soundcard and then go to ‘last and select the last one. I have updated to Win10, which in general is running much smoother. Thank you for that bit.

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I spent this entire evening making stuff in Reaper.

Versatility The UCA features two analog mono inputs for connecting any line-level device, such as a mixer or tape deck, and two analog mono outputs for connecting active speakers or studio monitors.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? It is interesting from where that comes. The stereo headphone output has a bebringer level control and allows you listen to either the input source or the computer output. Didn’t reinstalling the driver help?

Find More Posts by SevenString. Do you know what I should set my sample rate and block size to? Rather annoying, I’m hoping to find a work around. I have the HD version and it came bebringer it. User Control Panel Log out.


I have the same issue. I took files I had on my old disk I saved all versions I could find back in time, also 64bit one. Idk, I followed some youtube bbehringer which advised to use it.


My left ear is lonely, but that should be an easy fix. I guess I’ll order a few headphone adapters online now.

Why are you using Asio4all? Unless you are using a very high end laptop you are not going to be able to do low latency as laptops are usually not great as recording workstations. But, I have to switch back to the Realtech drivers if I leave Reaper in order to hear any other audio.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to disable your computer’s internal soundcard or any other sound devices that might be enabled, just to avoid any possible conflicts. Send a private message to rustyStrings.

Behringer ASIO drivers disappeared…

Man, update you interface firmware to the last version provided by behringer in their official page, I had the umc with the same issues and all were solved with that update.

Something is wrong here I’m trying to find another driver that would work, but the asio4alldriver is all I see. Value For a fraction of the cost of an overpriced USB audio interface from those other guys, you can have state-ofthe- auxio digital conversion, world-class recording and editing software, and hassle-free connectivity between your PC or Mac Computer and any piece of audio gear. Returning to default audio can still be a problem with unplugging the umc usb and rebooting as a last resort although I have got it to work by switching default speakers.


Trying to record with behringer interface on reaper. : Reaper

Most synth was “no go” without rendering first, but otherwise I was satisfied if I want do something with recorded results I use different PC in another room.

I’d hate to throw out hardware over something simple, but I’m on the verge of doing that way past the 30 days and besides, Sweetwater already exchabged the unit. It turned out to be easier than I thought!

The only guess I have: Here’s to many more such evenings! So, I brought an adapter for my interface, and it’s plugged in, but sadly there’s still no sound. Thank you so much!

These drivers had some strangeness: Make sure that your behringer sound card is enabled. Other than messing around with the settings, I made sure that the recording was armed, the recording monitoring was working, and everything was plugged in correctly. Promotion of paid products should go through moderators first.