It is a W-shaped table-top optical control device with several laser beams. The Beamz laser controller and its accompanying software allow users of all ages, physical and cognitive abilities to play music using hundreds of musical instruments, sound effects and songs. You can also use it as an incentive or reward for productivity. This process is not fully accessible, but the manufacturer is in the process of addressing that issue. As a frustrated musician with limited performance skills, I have to say that I find the Beamz to be an interesting tool for making music. The Beamz is a great tool for getting people to move and interact with music and sounds.

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The intended purpose of Beamz is for entertainment, therapy, and education. I am not sure how much enjoyment others may receive from my creations, so using the system to perform for others may take some additional time and practice.

I selected the playr song in the playlist, “3 a. Update includes song loading performance enhancements, new playlist management functions and general bug fixes. It was fun to play the included songs a few times, but I tend to like to get under the hood and strive for originality.

neamz Each laser beam corresponds to an instrument or sound that the user plays by interrupting the beam. When the player removes his or her hand the sound stops. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. The hardware component of the Beamz music system is a controller made of lightweight, sturdy plastic, shaped somewhat like the uppercase print letter W.


Beamz Music Player

The Beamz and its accompanying software allow users of all ages, physical and cognitive abilities to play music using only their eyes. Currently the baemz documents are only available in small print. November Issue Volume 15 Number If I could also add my own video loops, well, that would be over the top!

With the Beamz software installed and the controller connected to the USB port on bramz computer or via Bluetooth to a tablet, you are ready beakz begin to make music. However, when you press play, waving your hand in front of the Conductor beam launches a note of dramatic sounding strings. Interrupting the lower beam produced the sound of an organ solo. The Beamz App includes 17 free interactive songs and videos which promote creativity, free expression, education, early learning, and special needs benefits.

Running the Lpayer software initiates the horizontal projection of two parallel red laser beams between the center post and the left post and between the center post and the right post. The system is available in three configurations: Select your country below. But to truly understand the potential of this product, you must remember there are lots of people that desire to express themselves musically, but lack the capability to do so.

Beamz Interactive Music

This article relating to musical instruments is a stub. It stands over 17 inches in height Yet, the first time you try to play the Beamzchances are you’ll launch into a blazing guitar solo which sure beats sounding like a dying cat. That would make it perfect in my eyes.



This process is not fully accessible, but the manufacturer is in the process of addressing that issue. The whole time you’re watching this film, you’re still not sure what is going to happen at the end. Signs on San Diego.

Photo of the Beamz Package Contents The Beamz box contains the controller unit packaged in semi-rigid, form-fitting foam. This was my favorite part of using the Beamz.

Definition of Smart Phone Beamz Player

Views Read Edit View history. They include a wide variety of genres: As the Minimaloop progresses, the loops you created change pitch to reflect the progression of the song.

It’s the thing that they all can enjoy and be successful in. Though the basic operation of the system is accessible plajer people who have visual impairments, currently the Beamz has more potential for parents, families, teachers, therapists, and other service providers than for independent use by individuals who are visually impaired.