A high threshold value produces a darker image, and can be used to help pick up faint images. Determine the quality of the scanned image. There are two options available if Multi-Feed is detected. The factory setting for scanner is ID 6. The following procedure describes how to verify your scanner installation. Searching for a printer’s memory and paper capacities? Choose the profile you want to rename from the dropdown list box and then click the Rename button.

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Pull out the output paper tray extension wire to the desired length. Enter new name for the profile.

Avision AV3200SU

From the Image Selection Box, choose your desired image type for your scanned image. The Setting tab dialog box Energy Saving Control Check the Enable Energy Saver box and move the slider to the right to set the amount of time to start the energy saver after your last action.

See Figure 22 Note: Remove the paper feed roller cover. The following procedure describes how to verify your scanner installation.

Hold the output paper tray some 30 degrees aslant as shown in Figure To learn more details about the Scanner Properties dialog box, please see the subsequent chapter, Using the Scanner Properties Dialog Box. If you are using the USB port, be sure to install the scanner driver before connecting the USB cable to your computer. Spec sheets, which are verified by the OEM, provide those and many other top-level details to you such as:.


The name and version of your software application The version of your scanner driver.

Selecting Dynamic Threshold allows the scanner to dynamically evaluate each document to determine aav3200su optimal threshold value to produce the highest quality image.

Open the ADF cover as shown in Figure Aviwion 57 Ultrasonic Detection Ultrasonic Detection allows you to set overlapped document by detecting paper thickness between documents. Direct exposure to the sun or excessive heat may cause damage to the unit.

Other brands and product names herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Gently place the scanner back to its normal position. Discover the benefits of a bli Report. Figure shows how the scanner is packed. Two of the options are Dynamic Threshold and Fixed Processing. The value ranges from 0 to This will help spot major system errors in the scanner itself. In this case, it is highly recommended to replace the pad module with a new one.


Otherwise, the scanner may not work properly.

Buyers Lab puts anything and everything under the microscope to see how a device stacks up against its peers. In this case av3200sj scanner may not feed documents smoothly or several documents may feed at once. To prevent occasional paper jam when automatically feeding multiple documents, fan the paper before loading. The resolution is measured by dots per inch dpi.

If you have problems with the operation of your scanner, please check the following troubleshooting hints. Searching for a printer’s memory and paper capacities? Installation Please unpack the scanner carefully, and check the contents against the checklist.

Technical service | Avision AVSU (/) User Manual | Page 87 / 88

Or point us to the URL where the manual is va3200su. Click OK to quit the Scanner Properties dialog box. Filter Threshold This value is used to determine the color which will be dropped out. Select your desired paper size.