As CNC machinery becomes more sophisticated Alphacam continues to develop automating the movement of pods, rails and clamps. Clamps can now be constrained by a single geometry ensuring interference checking is undertaken at the optimum position on the clamp. For Stone, cutting surfaces and solids with a disk has been made easier, as the user no longer has to create the work plane before starting. Common applications of aggregates are horizontal routing and drilling. Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including:. Enhanced Feature Extraction makes it easier to find features on orthogonal panel faces.

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The new Alphacam Reports functionality allows for design and creation of robust documentation such as nested job reports, setup sheets, tool listings, and part labels. The shortest n around a 4 or 5-axis part is automatically calculated based on the CNC machine configuration. C-axis aggregates are also supported in Alphacam simulation.

The Quick Access Toolbar can be displayed above or below the ribbon bar and includes the most commonly used commands, such as Open and Save.

Alphacam | CAD CAM software for Woodworking, Metal & Stone Cutting.

When this dialog is closed, the width of cut is calculated in degrees and entered into the Degrees field. Reports can be designed by the user for the user, including company pljs, barcode labels, etc. Do you need more information? The feedrate of the tool can now be reduced by a specified amount when it approaches the bottom of the hole.

Loaded profiles are placed onto a work plane automatically. Still alphxcam 5-axis, the progress bar showing machining has been improved to give more feedback during complex toolpath calculations. For the external simulator, program stops will be recognised in the same way if “Stop at Program Stop” is checked in the Stop Options drop-down menu on the main toolbar. Ideal for art type work as well as simulated raised panel doors.


Enhanced Feature Extraction makes it easier to find features on orthogonal panel faces. Alternatively, a separate selection can be made for the avoidance geometries.

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This overcomes the issue of small parts moving during the nesting process, reducing material wastage and improving part quality. Subtle changes to Part Modeler give higher quality image xlphacam, along with commands for part manipulation including rotation around a specific point or axes, and zoom to a cursor. The Input Cad Dialog now has a new “Assemblies” tab containing options to save and align every Solid Body to individual part files with configurable Save Location plue Naming Conventions.

Components such as doors with machined grooves can be trimmed using a different fitting file such as an aperture or letter plate with a variable distance. A number of new and enhanced items in the latest release of Plu software provide improvements with automation, machining and feature extraction.

The focus has been on helping manufacturers drive down costs, by speeding up their design and production processes, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability. Sheets may have been created from the database or just-as-drawn in the active drawing.

As CNC machinery becomes more sophisticated Alphacam continues to develop automating the movement of pods, rails and clamps. Using the View Comparison function compares the part with the machining operations meaning manufacturers can see whether there is any stock left, and allows them to select an alternative or extra machining operation. This new module brings many improvements and includes support for the following We now support XY on Head or Table in all simulations.


The introduction of the “Construction” line button, found on the “Locate” Toolbar. New Kit function allows parts to be grouped together to aid their retrieval after nesting and part identification on the sheet. This improves the quality of the part and reduces programming time.

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Alphacam Version R2. The command displays a launch dialog from which the strategy can be selected and miscellaneous settings applied. Another major aspect zlphacam new functionality has been added to Part Management, with full associativity between a part and its copy.

Oscillation pitch and height can be easily set, edited and saved as a plhs style for future ease of use. When using a saw to cut parts, the risk of fouling other parts is increased due to the size of the blade. This is the Common Line Removal option which alphxcam been added to the dialog, enabling it to run automatically on CAD import. The Create Panel command dialog has a new checkbox called “Create as a Work Volume” that enables you to create a panel as a work volume in the Drawing Area.

Finally, the ability to import files from Google Sketchup adds to the extensive list of third-party file formats which Alphacam supports.