NET now you have a working network connection is to press the resolution switch button above the touchpad and have Windows try and run the app then switch to the classic desktop, it will then detect the app needs. Ive managed to install 8. This kind of connector was included in the standard package. March 4, at Did you get any luck for the WiFi in As for removing the hidden partition on the shift, the Guide tells you how to do just that. I rebooted again, since it seemed it installed some new hardware.

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So what went wrong? This starts to make more sense when you consider that the classic Windows desktop is actually being run as an application from Metro.

Hi, I have followed exactly the same step as given above,but my hsift mouse stopped workng shiff I run your one in package for touchscreen,wifi etc. Really want to try Window 8 on the Shift. If you need help with that leave a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Nothing about the Shift feels cheap. This screen gives you instant access to your emails with Microsoft Direct Push technology, access to local weather, calendar and your contacts.


Pof, you are doing so great job. At this stage in the process you have not got setup running from the USB stick and you have no reason to suspect any problem with your HDD.

I had no problems surfing the Internet with it or navigating through applications. I mean, it looks like your standard slate tablet until you slide the keyboard out and tilt up the screen. Since I used your package I have the same issues as lr.

HTC Shift Review

How do I get into the Window Recovery command prompt? One of the stupid things with Vista is that we cannot watch a movie because of poor graphic card.

I took out the SD card for the installation and it went fine, everything is working. Hey all, I got the touchscreen working, thanks for the easy setup.

Amazing post thanks so so much i spent now 2 days trying to do this but it seem i have problem in windows 8 copy i re download it again i will keep in touch while i am doing that and if any problem i will contact you thanks again man. Excessive timeouts submitting command shify libertas: Maybe even if it came with Windows XP.

Then issue the following commands: This kind of connector was included in the standard package. Thanks for the info on the SD card, I have a few ideas. Hi I confirm touchscreen is working out of the box in Is this the case with marell as well. I did try the linux drivers from asix but it gave a lot of errors regarding usbnet. December 8, at February 3, at marvvell Does any1 have the 3g modem working under ubuntu?


I can connect to a secure network.

HTC Shift Review

So watch out for your HTC shift. It will take a few minutes and check at the end that there are no warning shown and you should be good to go. The wireless options are great. I will give a shot after work. I got window 8 up an running!

Almost done, we just want to check Windows Update from the Shift and make sure we have picked up all the driver updates and other stuff that may be needed. This step is solely optional but as a lot of the Metro apps in the Developer Preview are tied up with Live ID integration it may not a bad idea to do this.