P ictures coming soon! Due to lack of a good Power Supply for the single transistor circuit, I am using a cheap Electronic Halogen Lighting transformer, 50W and Liyoda brand. I have built your driver as closely as I could with parts from RadioShack but I cant get any spark. As you say yourself, the direction of the winding, or as its called the phasing of the feedback coil could be opposit of the primary coil and thus be driving it degrees out of phase, try to switch the feedback connections around. Although the power involved may not be very high, a small mistake might cause severe electrical burns. Another lovely photograph of the arcs inside the xenon flash tube. With the output coupled through a home made salt water capacitor it was possible to have loud and very bright sparks.

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This is very important as it usually indicates a large flybcak of secondary turns, and a proportionally high output voltage I found this out today while I was trying to charging a uf v capacitor.

November 25, at As far as the operator is concerned, an arc represents some dangers too: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You can see the purple arcs from the air, as well as the interesting white arc patterns in the tube. As the magnetic field collapses, again high voltage is induced in the secondary.

Flyback Driver Circuits

Either way, ohms will operate the circuit at voltages as low as 5V without any problems. Also note that the rods get very hot! What I’ve done is bolted 2 2n’s onto a heatsink and paralleled both together, I’ve tried everything that I can do to get this to work.


If the transistors are getting too hot to touch, something is wrong. The basis for this circuit is that there is always current flowing into the base of the 2n, and that when the primary coil energizes, the magnetic field of the transformer core cancels out the voltage in the feedback coil, turning off the transistor, which allows the feedback coil to come back up to voltage, and the cycle repeats.

Heat transfer efficiency obviously decreases as the temperature of the heatsink increases thus, the deltaT between heatsink and transistors decrease.

Your ultra simple flyback driver which is easy to build and use! The photo below is from him.

Parallel 2n Driver / High Voltage / Forums –

Learn how 2n355 comment data is processed. As the input voltage rises the power consumption on R2 27 ohms increases. This was suggested by mws on an online electronics forum.

I am using a 2N power transistor The original version of this circuit used 2 transistors. After many failed attempts with a knife, a screwdriver, and a hammer, I decided the best course of action dlyback be to shoot the case off with a CO2 gas pistol: What you can do is provide some isolation between the pins with pieces of plastic and super glue. A flyback can set fire to a piece of wood just by sitting above it, and arcs may flyack over insulators and burn them in the process.

As far as I know of, this should be the easiest circuit 2j3055 which a high voltage output can be achieved. Other things to note are that these flybacks are sometimes stepped up on the circuit board with some sort of cascade or voltage multiplier, and therefore have a lower voltage secondary winding. Once I had the driver setup I was able to push up to 30V at A into the driver with only moderate heating of the transistors.


2n3055 flyback driver

Although the low current makes it small and therefore not too destructive, it will easily set on fire any flammable materials. They sell ‘freeze’ sprays which are basically a duster can with a dip tube, duster cans take the gas, where freeze sprays take the liquid.

Until then, this driver should be useful, right up until I burn out the secondary that is: Normally the transformer would try to bring the voltage down as current increased. So, if you brush against the wire while you’re operating an oscilloscope, or changing the channel on your TV who would watch TV with a 2n30555 driver on Dennis Rogers drelectrix Dr.

Dual 2n Flyback Driver « Procrastinatus

Your flyback is completed and ready to roll! However the PSU turns off as soon as I attach the flyback driver. The values of the resistor are not fixed, and values for to ohms should work for the 5W resistor, and similarly 15 Ohms to 35 Ohms for the 1W resistor. Insulate the core with many layers of good insulating tape first.