Even using something like color bars http: The plugin does not work with the following video card Geforce4 MX Bios ver 4. Yes, I restarted the player for it to take the renderer change. This message was edited 1 time. If it’s correct, black should look black, not dark grey or vice versa. Today’s Posts Member List.

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Let me know what you discover.


It does seem a little odd anaglypj me that all renderers look the same, but I really don’t fully understand how renderers and video cards interact. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid My conclusion is monitors, no matter how badly calibrated, produce good anaglyph.

When I go to your page and click the link, I get a page full of coding. It’s greyed out in my case so I guess it applies only to a particular renderer or maybe only works in later versions of Windows, but it appears to be set to PC levels by default so it may be worth checking. Is there a function like SaveToFile. I can only test the Haali renderer as I use XP, but if I have the video card set to display video according to the video player’s settings, using MPC-HC the WMR9 renderer anagoyph a slightly “washed out” picture on my PC monitor, whereas the Haali renderer definitely expands the levels and it’s darker.


I used ffmpegsource2 and it still does not open anything. It is totally different, almost perfect, on my main display this one looks the best of all three with madVR.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Also try normal or warm gideo white color or whatever they call it on your TV.

Last edited by 5of0 ; You did restart the player after switching renderers? Its like DirectshowSource is doing everything in double. How to record anything on your screen using th I tried all renderers.

I had to manually switch the audio to the tv and avr depending on what i wanted. Right now i have 1 hdmi so for now i route through the avr which is only 1. Originally Posted by BaltarWithSix.

Stereo 3D anaglyph (red/cyan glasses) plug-in – The NASA World Wind Forum

Anyway video does not open nor error is shown Dynamic contrast, that sort of thing? No error, it just disappears.

This in my mind would mean the video would have to be tampered with in order to provide the Anaglyph display.


Your screenshot vidfo of Potplayer’s options, yes? Well you need to know what your primaries are, I measure mine using a colorimeter. I’ll appreciate your testing, and I’m sure you’ll like the 3D effect! I really don’t know, but figured what the hell. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Thanks for the tips.

They’re weren’t unusually dark before you calibrated it or anything like that? I can’t test it either but I assume your video card isn’t set to convert TV levels to PC levels which means the TV picture isn’t correct. Don’t assume an expensive TV is calibrated correctly.

Anaglyph 3D On A 2D Projector

Ari works well with ATI Radeon over here. Is there a funtion like Store or SaveToFile? In theory this would break the blu ray protection and not be allowed. CoreAVC is not showing double.