This modem needs to be rebooted every time the configuration is changed and modem reboot can be done through. I am trying to use this router instead of my current router with was supplied by Orange which is useless. Hi, it seems you both have Movistar Imagenio which means the router must be configurated on Portal Alejandra.. Hope somebody knows how!! I just moved to Spain for a longer vacation.

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Home Station Amper ASL Router – Movistar

Password Clave is password for the wireless network. I have to check this. Hi there Trying to connect a printer wirelessly. Can i access the update client manually for making any changes or what can i do?

Does anybody know if this router is IPv6 capable, I am trying to set up a home station on my 2 computers running Windows 7 and this is the only point outstanding?

I just moved to Spain for a longer vacation. I also have a second, identical router.

I use the TP-Link ones which provide both a wireless and an ethernet option and they have worked flawlessly for me. Leave this field empty. He made a tel call and had it changed, reset router, now I have 2. I cannot get it working correctly with the router. Eventually an engineer was sent, he said that I was only contracted for 1Mb hence the 0.


I am trying to set up a web cam using NO-IP. Small internet providers around Spain. Hi Steven, I had exactly the same problem. Does anyone with a new Homestation router after Dec 1, know a different access code?

Status This page tells you if the connection is working and your connection IP-addresses blurred. Could you ampdr me does WiFi use up you monthly data or is it free data. DO NOT switch telefknica the device during the update process as this might damage the modem.

And it does not work with Portal Alexandra.

Otherwise it will mess up your network as there are 2 devices sending IP address to other devices etc. I have a Movistar Home Station installed.

Thank you Sam I would appreciate it. Hello I do have movistar adsl router in my apartament. Can someone guide me how to please? Hello… I have this router currently setup but it does not cover my entire house. This modem-router has no option to change it to work as a repeater as for example an access point would have.


The solution here would be to purchase a wireless range extender that will increase the coverage of your wireless network. You should be able to see and access the external device through your Network. With the latter, I get no menu and no possibility to set up port forwarding or to change channel. Some devices use PIN-number instead of the password to connect.

Home Station Amper ASL 26555

However, there is no witi for a mac, only a setup guide. So now trying to configure manually. Hi We have Movistar wi if but our laptops cannot connect to the wifi. Keeps asking for us to connect to HomeStation and then asking for a password. I came across an issue recently with C4 in UK.